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Internal Investigations: Managing Risk and Executing with Excellence (Part 3)

Webinar Date/Time: September 29, 2016 at 1:00 PM EST

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Strategic Management’s Chief Executive Officer, former Inspector General of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Richard Kusserow, along with his faculty, will discuss how organizations can establish an effective investigation process to address allegations of fraud, theft, misconduct, as well as complaints of harassment, retaliation, misuse and loss of patient information, safety and code violations, among others.

Organizations must be prepared to address these circumstances properly, as failure to do so can escalate the problem and increase exposure to legal liability. Over the course of this 3-part webinar series, Mr. Kusserow and his faculty will provide guidance on how to develop an internal investigation program, respond to employee complaints, prepare for investigations, conduct interviews, write final reports to close investigations, and communicate findings to executives and boards of directors.

Register today for part 3 of our webinar series to learn:

  • Elements of effective report writing
  • How to structure an investigative report
  • Possible outcomes of an internal investigation
  • Best practices for communicating to management, the Board, and outside agencies
  • Closing actions at the end of an investigation
  • Guidance for corrective and disciplinary action
  • Review of the 7 steps to an investigation
    • Gathering background information
    • Planning the investigation
    • Initiating the investigation
    • Executing interim actions in an organization
    • Gathering documentary evidence and conducting interviews
    • Writing the final investigation report
    • Closing the case and communicating findings

Event Schedule:

Part III: Writing an Investigation Report and Closing Actions

  • Thursday September 29, 2016, 1:00pm-2:30pm Eastern Time
  • 1.8 CCB CEUs; 1.25 TX CLE hours, 0.25 ethics hours


Part III: Writing an Investigation Report and Closing Actions – $195

If you’d prefer to not to pay online, you can download and fax this payment sheet to 703-236-1291.

Who Should Attend?

  • Compliance Professionals
  • In-House Counsel
  • Outside Counsel, Healthcare and Non-Healthcare Attorneys
  • Human Resources Professionals

For More Information:

Sponsored by Strategic Management Services, LLC (Strategic Management), a company providing compliance advisory services since 1993.  For more information regarding Strategic Management visit, email  For additional information about this webinar series, including CEU/CLE approvals, contact Kashish Chopra at 703-535-1413 or email

Featured Speakers:

Richard Kusserow, Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Kusserow served for eleven years as the Inspector General  for HHS, where he was responsible for fraud/abuse oversight; provided policy direction for the conduct of audits, investigations and program inspections and evaluations. His office was involved in the investigation and prosecution of health care fraud cases with the Department of Justice and internally through Administrative Law Judges. Mr. Kusserow established Strategic Management in 1992 and it has provided a broad range of advisory services including organization assessments, financial/legal fact-finding, values and vulnerabilities assessments, program analyses, special studies/reports, policy development, and specialized education/training programs. He has assisted organizations by providing interim and designated compliance officer services. He provides specialized expertise on fraud and abuse, sanctions, exclusion, and debarment processes. He possesses special and unique expertise involving fraud and abuse laws and regulations, such as the Anti-Kickback Statute, qui tam actions, as well as environmental and product safety regulations and government contracting ethics. Under Mr. Kusserow’s personal leadership, Strategic Management has provided consulting assistance to over 2,500 companies, facilities, organizations and entities, large and small, for-profit and non-profit. His firm has been selected many times as an approved Independent Review Organization.

Emil Moschella, JD

Emil Moschella has over 40 years of experience in the fields of corporate compliance, criminal investigations, and law enforcement. He provides advisory services to clients on compliance related problems and issues.  He provides education and training on compliance and conducting internal investigations; conducts investigation of compliance related issues; assists compliance officers in building and improving their compliance programs; and serves as interim compliance officer for health care organizations.  He is currently assisting the Rutgers Center for Government Compliance and Ethics in promoting government compliance programs as their Executive Director, as well as serving in a consultant capacity to the Federal Bureau Investigation (FBI) on internal security and has advised them on the establishment of an agency wide compliance program.

Mr. Moschella has 6 years of experience as a Director Corporate Compliance and Assistant General Counsel at Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey, where he reported to the Chief Executive Officer and the Audit and Compliance Committee of the Board of Directors. In this capacity he directed the day to day operation of the compliance program operations that included development and implementation of compliance related policies and procedures; risk identification and mitigation; investigations; and compliance education/training.  Prior to that Mr. Moschella served as a Special Agent for the FBI.  He rose in the ranks of the FBI to serve as a Staff Attorney for the Office of General Counsel then to head the Office of Congressional Affairs as its Legislative Counsel.  He subsequently became Section Chief for Legal Advice and Training, as well as Section Chief for Freedom of Information and Privacy Act.  Subsequent to the FBI, he had a general law practice in Vienna, Virginia.

Suzanne Castaldo, JD, CHC

Suzanne Dallas Castaldo, JD, is a certified Healthcare Compliance Professional (CHC), qualified in the development, implementation, and evaluation of compliance programs for the health care industry.  She has ten years combined experience as an attorney and health care compliance consultant. Her duties as a consultant include providing health care compliance advisory and training services, and assisting clients in developing, implementing, evaluating, and evidencing effective compliance programs. She has served as an Interim Compliance Officer and also routinely provides advisory services to Compliance Officers.

Ms. Castaldo has assisted a variety of health care providers including hospitals, physician practice groups, skilled nursing facilities, clinical laboratories, managed care organizations, and pharmacies.  Her expertise includes development, implementation, management, and maintenance of effective compliance programs, as well as conducting compliance program risk assessments and effectiveness reviews.  She advises providers on addressing compliance risks; investigates potential violations of laws, regulations, and Code of Conduct; and develops and assesses compliance-related policies. She assists in the development and implementation of remediation plans to address compliance program deficiencies and promote industry best practices.  She is experienced in performing regulatory due diligence in connection with potential acquisitions; developing and implementing compliance programs; and assisting organizations with interpreting regulatory requirements. She provides compliance presentations to various health care organizations and their personnel at all levels.

Prior to joining Strategic Management, Ms. Castaldo had seven years of experience in a litigation practice in Washington, D.C.  She focused on litigation, arbitration, and alternative dispute resolution, as well as fraud cases. She appeared in state and federal courts, and participated in domestic and international arbitrations, and government agency investigations. In addition, she has represented national law firms in defense of legal malpractice and professional negligence claims, and counseled clients on legal risk management strategies.

Kashish Chopra, JD, MBA, CHC

Ms. Chopra is a certified Healthcare Compliance Professional (CHC) who conducts research, analysis, and provides advice to clients related to a number of compliance, regulatory, and legal issues. This includes addressing compliance program guidance by the Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General (OIG), the Affordable Care Act, Medicare, Medicaid, Federal Anti-Kickback Statute, Stark Law, AdvaMed Code of Ethics on Interactions with Health Care Professionals (AdvaMed Code), corporate governance, internal investigation best practices, and other compliance topics. Ms. Chopra serves as an Interim Compliance Officer to clients across the health care industry and also routinely provides advisory services to Compliance Officers.  Ms. Chopra also works on site with clients to implement, evaluate, and enhance their compliance programs, and assists with the firm’s Independent Review Organization (IRO) services to help clients fulfill their obligations under Corporate Integrity Agreements. She also drafts monthly regulatory reports informing Strategic Management clients of OIG determinations, Department of Justice (DOJ) prosecutions, and pertinent rules in the healthcare industry to ensure their compliance with federal and state laws and regulations.

Ms. Chopra sits on the Board of Directors of the South Asian Bar Association of Washington, DC and is a licensed attorney. Prior to joining Strategic Management, Ms. Chopra worked in-house with the legal and compliance team for a global medical device manufacturer. Ms. Chopra has over a decade of experience as a speaker and presenter on intercultural identity and minority marginalization issues, having led talks at institutions such as Harvard, Yale, and University of Michigan, among others.

For More Information:

Sponsored by Strategic Management Services, LLC (Strategic Management), a company providing compliance advisory services since 1993.  For more information regarding Strategic Management visit, email  For additional information about this webinar series, contact Kashish Chopra at 703-535-1413 or email


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