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HIPAA Advisory Services from Strategic Management

Health care organizations are under greater scrutiny today than ever before. This leaves most compliance departments tasked with the overwhelming responsibility of monitoring and ensuring compliance with several federal and state requirements, including HIPAA. To meet the needs of these organizations and help them stay compliant, Strategic Management offers HIPAA Advisory Services. Our highly knowledgeable and experienced health care compliance consultants are available to help health care organization understand and manage their HIPAA responsibilities.

Recent changes to the HIPAA Privacy and Security requirements will require many organizations to implement new policies, procedures, and training. Our HIPAA compliance consulting and advisory services will help health care organizations strategize how to develop and implement these changes for their organizations.

To facilitate HIPAA compliance efforts, Strategic Management offers HIPAA compliance tools, including compliance training, policies and procedures which can easily be implemented. We also offer HIPAA breach preparedness tools to address potential breaches and facilitate compliance with HIPAA breach reporting rules.

Continue reading for information on how Strategic Management HIPAA Advisory Services can assist your organization.

HIPAA Consulting Services as Part of a HIPAA Compliance Strategy

Once an organization’s HIPAA and HITECH needs have been assessed, Strategic Management will work with the client to prepare a plan to address compliance risks.

Strategic Management offers a wide variety of HIPAA consulting services to meet the needs of any organization. These include:

  • Developing HIPAA compliance policies and procedures
  • Conducting HIPAA gap analysis
  • Advising on HIPAA breach notification
  • Hotline services for large scale HIPAA breach reporting
  • HIPAA security audits
  • HIPAA training for workforce members
  • Third-party HIPAA investigation services
  • Developing a complete strategy and compliance work plan
  • Assistance with HIPAA business associate agreements
  • Mock Office for Civil Rights (OCR) HIPAA audits

Assigning Responsibilities for HIPAA Compliance

Part of the services offered by HIPAA consultants is helping organizations define the scope of work for the HIPAA Compliance Officer, Privacy Officer, Security Officer, and other compliance related staff.

Our advisors will use their experience and expertise to help your organization determine which roles and responsibilities can be taken on by members of your staff and which will require the use of outside support. These roles include:

  • Compliance reporting/hotline
  • HIPAA training
  • Privacy officer services
  • Security officer services

Learn more about our HIPAA compliance services and direct support to compliance programs.

Contact Strategic Management HIPAA Advisory Services

If your organization needs to help adapting to recent HIPAA compliance requirements, or simply developing a plan to stay compliant with HIPAA regulations, contact Strategic Management today. Our team of experienced consultants is eager to assist your organization with its HIPAA responsibilities. Click here to contact us using our online form, or call (703) 683-9600.

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