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For the first time, a national HIPAA compliance survey conducted by SAI Global, in collaboration with Strategic Management Services, LLC, explored the current state of HIPAA compliance. Our goal was to better understand the nature and level of commitment that healthcare organizations have made to HIPAA compliance in 2019.

The report covers a wide range of topics such as:

  • HIPAA program structure, responsibility and oversight
  • Program operations
  • Business Associate Agreements (BAA) management
  • Program assessment and priorities
  • Investigations, breaches, and disciplinary action and interactions with enforcement

The national survey was conducted among 352 respondents located in different states within the United States and representing various provider types. Over half of respondents reported being associated with a hospital or health system, with 9% working with a physician/group practice and 7% connected with a clinic or ambulatory surgery center. The remaining respondents were dispersed over a variety of health care provider types, health plans, and business associates (i.e., device manufacturer, pharmaceutical company, etc.). The range of entities represented by respondents evidences that HIPAA compliance is an issue that cuts equally across the entire healthcare spectrum.

Note: Figures within the survey have been rounded and may or may not equal 100% due to weighting, rounding, and inclusion of “other” responses. Alternatively, in the case of multiple response questions, percentages may add to more than 100%.


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Editor's Note: This report has been published partnership with SAI Global. Published here with permission.

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